Monday, July 1, 2013

Nightshroud Bomber- Look out below!

Continuing our Fall of Orpheus Necron coverage is the new Necron flyer the Nightshroud Bomber.

This thing on the surface seems epic first of all. It an Av 12 All AROUND flyer! What's not to love? It comes with the standardard Tesla destructors which are very nice. But unlike the doom or night scythe the Night shroud is a bomber and boy does it carry an interesting load.

The bombs on the Night shroud are Strength 10 and ap 1 large blasts. Oh and they have blind in pinning. Now before you go screaming OP, let me explain why this is a fickle unit.

1. Point cost. This thing is a 220 point flyer. A good amount of AA will scrap this thing eventually. And as GW releases more fortifications with AA (screw you GW) then this thing will seem less ideal.

2. The bomb limit. It should be well noted this only carries 5, of those epic bombs. At first that might seem like more than enough but remember: Your flyer is automatically off the boar turn 1. And then there is the chance for rolling poor for reserves. So it is a high possibility you might only ever get to drop a single bomb in a game!

Despite this those bombs are still brutal. Also it should be noted that flyers that drop bombs, the bombs only scatter d6 inches. And I don't see where it says you can't subtract your Ballistic Skill (which is 4) so at most your bombs are only ever going to scatter 2 INCHES on a large blast. Wow. Oh and your bombs go off before interceptor shots so you get at least *one* chance to blow something to hell.

Overall this is a good unit. Most of its downsides are really beyond your control anyways so I don't see why you shouldn't take this if you can.  Just be wary of any AA and try to knock bit out quickly. This unit is fickle but if played right it is downright brutal.

If you really want to make someone rage, take Toholk the blinded and give this monster It Will Not Die for some giggles.

As always feel free to comment what you think.


  1. I also failed to mention its whopping 4 Hull points!

  2. Sorry man but Bombs do scatter the full d6. "Bombs and Bombing Run" (pg 81) are their own rules, not a modification of the "Blast & Large Blast" rules on pg 33, so the Ballistic Skill reduction doesn't apply.

    1. Meh. I'm still not convinced. You are still using the rules for a large blast the only difference is you are scattering 1d6 instead of 2. It doesn't say the BS doesn't affect the scatter so I don't see why not until FAQ.

  3. Dude, lol, that's a terrible argument. Warhammer rules are permissive based, they need to say you CAN do something, not can't.

    And that isn't the only difference. EVERYTHING is different:

    Bombs do not use Line of Sight, Blast & Large Blast rules do.

    Bombs do not use Arc of Fire (because if they did its clear on the Nightshroud model that the bombs and emitter are not turrent based or sponson based so you couldn't fire behind you, which they need to do to fire on a unit the Nightshroud has passed over), B&LB do.

    Bombs don't use the range mechanic, B&LB do. If they did you couldn't fire them at anything because they have no range.

    Bombs are not fired in the Shooting Phase.

    The only thing they have in common is they use the blast templates, just like the C'tan Shards Gaze of Death. Or, more appropriately, like the Mawloc's Terror from the Deep ability, which also does not get to reduce scatter.

    Sorry man, but you can't cherry-pick a PORTION of a rules set a put it into another just because they are similar, that is not now, nor has it ever been, how the rules are written.

    It also violates the spirit of the rules because then you could use Bombs to snipe characters or specific models in units, and thats clearly not what they are for.

    If you want the BS reduction you HAVE to show were its allowed, not shrug and say "it doesn't say I can't".

    Besides the Bombing rules are awesome as is, and with a S10 AP1 Large Blast Marker do you really need to be arguing for it to be cheesier?

  4. on the other Necron flyers the weapon system which include the Tesla destructors are turret mounted, so i would assume that these system on the bomber are also turreted