Saturday, July 20, 2013

Necron Tesseract Ark: What a gunboat!

Well this week has been a tough for me. There was a death in the family so thing have been pretty emotional here. But im trying to get past that and continue the Imperial Armour
at the new Necron units. I thought i had covered this one but i guess i hadnt so lets change that promptly.

Now when we first look at the Tesseract Aek ine might be lead to believe its just some famcy annihlation barge or something. But that could not be more wrong. This thing is just filled with rules and wargear, more so than any other unit in this book.

The fluff of the Tesseract Ark is it has something called the Singularity Chamber which is used to hold a dying an epic weapon. As a result this not only gives you awesome long range power (something Necrons lack) but very good durability as well. Lets look at the primary fire mode out of 3 for this. And i guarantee you will use this one 90% of the time anyways.

Solar Pulse: 48“ Strength 7 AP 2 Heavy 3 blast

That right there is very nice, it gives some good long blasts which can eat a terminator squad if lucky.

The next power works like the Necron Deathray and autohits everything under a ling with Strength 5. But it also has armour bane which is actually nice if you roll well.

The last power is a template weapon which will kill hordes and marines equally easy but sadly, its not a torrent weapon.
Now that is a very impressive firepower but not w for the durability. The Ark is AV 12 all around BUT it has Quantum Shielding so its AV 14 14 12 really. The Singularity Chamber also gives this guy a 5++ Invunernalble save which is great. The Chamber also forces enemy units who wish to assault the ark to take dangerous and difficuly terrain tests! Oh, and any unit counts as making a disordered charge regardless. This gives you a nice defense from assaults, but you should never be that close as the Ark is a HEAVY vehicle so you can move and fire its epic gun and TWO tesla or gauss cannons.

So how much for this guy? 175? 200? 225? Thats right 250 points!!! This is easily the most expensive Necron unit you can take in the codex (which counts as a heavy support slot in a regular army list)

As usual there is a catch: if thing suffers a weapon explodes on a 4+ the entire Ark dies too. But this sshouldn't happen....
I really like this thing but it is extremely fickle. USE WITH CAUTION! But by all meams use thisunit. Its very versatile and awesome.

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