Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tesseract Tactics: What to put in YOUR Vault.

So by now I have gotten a few games in using the new Necron Tesseract Vault .I've used just about every possible combination of its 6 powers and I think Ive come to conclusions on all of them by now. So lets take a look at 3 powers first that you can select:

Seismic Assault: Now this is the most expensive upgrade being 200 points but man, this is the best power in the Vault from my experience. 6d6 shots usually averages to 20+. Now remember in the vault you are hitting on 2's so probably 3/4 of your shots will hit all the time. The Strength of 8 is actually really great because you can bog down other super heavies in sheer volume of fire. In my games I destroyed a War hound (without void shields however) Titan with one of these. I've also wrecked a couple of baneblades with some shots at side armour which is brutal if you can get low armour. I also came 1 wound short of killing a squiggoth outright once. This thing is also great for killing marines and that NEVER ENDING SWARM of Tyranids with that sexy ap 3. This should be your primary power if you want to be really competitive and do list of carnage.

Next power : Cosmic Fire: OK so let's be straight here, this IS the worst power but it IS  the cheapest. A Strength 6 ap2 hell storm while"good" is just not enough for any vehicle attacking role. It does do great aganst swarms but there is a MUCH better hellstorm power you can take anyways. But 60 points is good if you dont want to spend alot on thr Vault as a whole.

Sky of Falling Stars: This is my favorite power in terms of fluff. And it usually is my 2nd choice just because the area you can cover. It fires that cool appocalypse barrage amd you get to roll the dice 6 times to see where each shot lands so depending on how you roll this can do some good killing. My only reall bummer is a strength of 7 so you can't really use this against supetheavies or vehicles with av14. But this is the second cheapest power and its just too good to pass in most cases. One final note is since this is a barrage weapon you do not needLOS so if you can, you can hide your vault and blast away (but remember its only 48“) But this tactic is usually better with the Transcendent Ctan but still worthy of note

So what do you think? What would you put in your vault? Soon ill put up part 2

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