Sunday, July 14, 2013

Necron Obelisks: Rev up those flyers!

Continuing our in depth look at the Necron in Apocalypse games is the alternate build to the Tesseract  Vault, which is named the Obelisk.

Now i really wanted for this to be something special. Not just an alternate build. But sadly, this thing is plaugued by incredibly stupid rules. Now before you think thats a bold statement let me continue...

The Obelisk will cost you about 20 points more than a standard Vault. But here is where the stupidity starts. Its an av 12 12 12 with only 6 Hullpoints. Yeah. That is pretty bad. This thing is gonna get gunned down quickly in apocalypse. One destroyer shot from anything and this will go down.

The next stupid rule is when you deploy the Obelisk, you can elect to have start in "power down" mode. You cant shoot or move but you do get a 3+ invunerable save. The dumb part is once you want to move or shoot it can NOT return to powered down mode ever again. Yeah, thanks Kelly... totally no bias as an eldar player right?

The good tthings about the Obelisk is its Gravity pluse. In both your shooting and you lr opponents phases every flyer or skimmer takes a Strength 8 hit on side armour. That's great until you realize the 24 inch range. It also has 4 Tesla spheres which are 5 Tesla shots at strength 7 but sadly, to twin linked.

So what could have been an awesome unit is sadly mediocre. This thing should be allowed in normal 40k games because there is nothing ridiculous about it. The part that just ruins it is the armour. Why is it that a Tesseract Vault which is open is Av 14 but the closed Obeliskis only av 12? I really would like to know what went on in either Jervis JJohnson or Phil "Eldar" Kelly's head here.

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