Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dark Angels Post Reaction: Flyers. Lolwut?

Hey again. Been busy etc. But I did manage to get a look at the NEW DARK ANGELS CODEX!!! So because i have an apparent obsession with Flyers in our game I thought id do tradition and tell you what i think.

To start we have THE DARK TALON!!! This Flying Church Flyer had me scratching my head while uttering the phrase "lolwut". You see this is supposed to be an anti infantry thing( But wait. isnt that the Nephilims job???) The 2 main reasons you are paying the 150+ Points for this is the stasis bomb and Rift Cannon.

The Stasis bomb is a sneaky way of saying "BEDTIME!" to any unit hit. -3 to WS and intiative is cool. Problem is you only get 1 chance, and if you dont send in another unit to capatalize on this then you just wasted this units potential.

The Rift Cannon is now the main focus of my rage. Like what the hell was Vetock thinking? Writing this awesome fluff weapon then backing it with terribly underwhelming rules. A Strength 5(!) blast weapon that causes a BLIND test and an AP of -. Uh what? Thats it? What does that do??? NOTHING! The potential for this thing was huge. I mean a RIFT CANNON!

How I would have done it:

Str 5 Ap- Large Blast.
Special Rule: Blind, Rift Breaker

Rift Breaker: Units hit by the Rift Cannon cou t as being in both Difficult AND Dangerous terrain there next movement phase, and may not attempt any Overwatch for the duration of next turn.

See? Even that makes this a little better. Imo

JD Out.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Necron Galleries!

Yes! Finally pics of my fabled Necrons. Now note that my entire force is 20,000 points, most of which are in boxes in the Garage. So please enjoy a critique away! Ill be putting more soon!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: A hit or miss year for 40k?

Well hello everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays! I know I did :). Now time to sink back into my "normal" routine. For starters I've been looking at what's rumored for 2013 and it looks like a lot. Im really anticiating a new Tau codex. An eldar codex would.... eh I'm a Necron player, who cares ;).

But i cant help hearing that 2012, even though it was the 25th anniversary was a little lacking. Yep. Im gonna say it now. You're an idiot. Lets see what 40k players got this year

-New Space Wolve kits

- New Tyranid Kits

- New NECRON Units!

- Sm, Ork and Necron flyers!


- Dark Vengeance!!!!

- Lots of Finecast stuff

-New Chaos Space Mehreens Codex!

That list may not look big but look at those awesome minis. Plus a new rule set.. I really think this was one of the best 40k years ever for me. Lots of fun stuff. Here's to 2013! may it be just as prosperous!