Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tesseract Tactics: How to get the most out of your Vault 101.

So the other day I had a 20,000 point apocalypse game with just me and my friend at my LGS. In this game i really learned alot about Tesseract Vaults and how they are much different units than most super heavies. Me and my opponent discussed what made them good and how I could improve my usuage. So i thought id share the conclusions we came too ( he is also a necron player and used his own vault in our game) . So here are some tips to hopefully get the most mileage for these things.

1. THIS IS NOT A TITAN: The Tesseract Vault is not a vehicle intended to sit back and blast away. Rather it should be actively supporting your forces rather than hiding it in your deployment zone.
2. PLAY AGRESSIVELY: This goes to the previous point. Unlike most superheavies like a baneblade or shadowsword, you cant just camp this. The weapon ranges are too short. Instead you need to drive this thing to the heart of your enemy to maxamize on the shorter ranged powers or too catch side armour shots. Dont be afraid too crash this into your opponents lines because when this dies you will always get a TITANIC explosion so you can actually suicide bomb this if you know it doesnt have long left. *Note though this tactic should only be used when the situation is appropiate. Dont send this to the heart of the storm for no reason.*

3. YOU DONT HAVE TO KILL THE BIG THINGS! Now while it may be cinematically cool to watch your superheavy duke it out with others you really shouldnt. The Vaults weapons are good but most of the time your gonna be up against some tough armour. Instead use this as a supporting fire weapon to clear squads of lighter vehicles or elite troops. But if you think you can go for the big takedown then go for it. But just dont be upset if you realize this may not be the Vaults best field of attack.

4. Understand that sometimes this unit will underperform . Yes it is sad, but i think it should be mentioned. Sometimes its the powers you pick and sometimes its the dice but no matter what you gotta play it smart. You are gonna have to be crafty with these. You can do tons and tons of damage or you can end up spending 500+ points for nothing. It's really up to you.

These are just the main conclusions we got. This is still a very good unit but it is by no means an instant problem solver. Rather this should be your tool for anyjob, and the Tesseract Vault can do it all.

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  1. I am just getting into warhammer 40k in a start collecting league in which 7/10 of my opponents are either Tao, Elder(hate them) or space marines. They allow lords of war at 1000 point months and up, I was wondering a couple things. First off, do you have any advice for a new Necro that might help me win by something other than the dice roll at turn 5+? And also, what point value should I wait to add my tesseract vault into the mix?