Monday, July 22, 2013

Canoptek Acanthrites: And you thought real dragonflies were scary...

...or maybe you dont. But thats besides the point of this post which is about these bugs. So first off you may or may not have noticed but these Acanthrites were released long before Imperial Armour 12 was (with expirimental rules to use in the meantime) But they are here now and these things are pretty cool actually.

Now first off, I really like this model. It is one of my favorites. It looks like a dragon fly but it doesnt in the same way a Tomb Spyder doesnt look like a real spyder either. Having some of these personally (18) i can tell you they are a bit of a pain to assemble. At first. So you gotta be very patient when assembling these guys.

Now for the rules. Each one of these guys is gonna cost you 50 points each so the same as a tomb spyder and 15 more than a wraith. But i think these are a lot more versatile than both.

The statline of these things is also pretty solid with them being toughness 5, 2 attacks, and having 3 wounds EACH. Yeah and considering you can take these in squads of 9....thats a lot wounds coming at you.

Their wargear is also very good and you can handle vehicles, infantry, and terminators  equally easy. The acanthrite comes packed with a voidblade, so now you have rending and entropic strike goodness in your attacks. So nothing is immune to you. really. But the acanthrite also has a cutting beam which is a 12“ Strength 6 MELTA weapon.

So lets think, these guys are jump infamtry who can can be taken in squads of 9 with toughness 5, 3 wounds oh and they have stealth so an always cover save of 6+, these things can wreck anything you send them at. They are just so well equipped. The bummer is the 50 point price so if one of these dies that is alot of points you can lose in these guys. Nevertheless these things can tackle any MC or vehicle in the game.

To sum it up:

-If you like running Wraiths these are for you.

-If you are looking to try a different unit in your fast attack slot besides
wraiths, take these.

-If you want to brutally shatter ypur opponents riptides and wraithknights (entropic strike FTW) take 9 of these.

-If you are hesitant to sink 50 points each for these things and are still unimpressed then dont take these.

-If you have a phobia of draginflies (especially the robotic type) please avoid these at all costs then!

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