Monday, October 29, 2012

Its ma Birthday!

Yes. It is. Im turning 21 :P

Jokes aside. Thanks for all your wishes. Unfortunately I have to do some work but after i hope to enjoy today with some 40k and video games.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Necron Tournament List

So here it is

HQ: Overlord- Warscthe, Phaseshifter, CCB= 225 Points


x2 Stormteks= 50 Points

x2 Destructo teks- 1 with Solar pulse= 90 Points

Troops: 14 Warriors in night scythe( with Stormtek) 282 Points

14 Warriors in Night Scythe(with stormtek)= 282 Points

9 Immortals- Tesla= 153 Points
9 Immortals- Gauss= 153 Points

Fast Attack- 4 Canoptek Wraiths, 2 whip coils= 160 Points

Heavy Support:

Doomscythe= 175 Points

Annihilation Barge- 90 Points
Annihaltion Barge - 90 Points

Total= 1750

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Necrons at Tournament- by JD

Hello all. So today I had a tournament at a LGS about an hour away. It was very fun. I had only gone about twice but decided to join the Tournament to test some water. So there were was a total of 16 playets. Since there were only 6 tables, we had one team sit out round 1, but would get an automatic 7 VP. Winning netted 5 points. Secondary Obejectives were 1 while the "wild card" objectives were worth 2. Each game was 1750 points btw.

I managed to take 1st place shockingly. My opponents were as follows.

Game 1: Orks. Didnt have a flyer but had an aegis defence line. Very foot slogging. Luckily had brought lots of tesla so that hurt.

Game 2: Guard Mecg Spam. He had 3 Valkyries with Stormtroopers in them. He also had 2 leamn russ punishers , 2 Basiliks, and some chimera vets. Was tough but but letting me go 1st and getting my reserves faster to destroy his artillery and 1 of his punishers was a big boon. The game was annihilation so i manged to pull out some ahead, destroying his hovering valkyries.

Game 3: Dark Eldar- He brought the pirate ships. He had 10 raiders, filled witg kabalites. Interstingly enough he also chose a bastion with a lascannin. The game was the Relic. It was VERY close with him taking it turn 2. I manged to chase his kabalite squad with my barge lord who slaughtered 8 kabalites in one turn. I then proceeded to take the relic turn 6 and held it to the end.

Game 4: This was the final- Daemons of Nurgle with CSM allies, also had lots of nurgle. The game objective was ( the empirers will? I forget now) but only 2 obhectives. He left his Nurgle CSm to guard the objective whilr his daemins would strike in. But he rolled for the wrong half and lost his sould grinder ti scatter. I sent my ground warriors to fight the plauge daemons, while i heaced my scythes at his ibjectives. That was tge turning point. I destroyed his forgefiend with the tesla destructor and warriors managed to slay some plauge marines. He botched his charge roll the next turn.
My doomscythe annihilated the rest if the playfe marines whilr tge 2nd scythe dropped its cargo into tge bug battle in the center.

In the end i took the victory in that game and overall. I would like to thank my opponents for a wonderful time. I will be posting my list sime time today or tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Weapon in WH40K is.....

So as you know I have been wondering what the best weapon in WH40K is. I was unsure wheather i should divide this between vehicle and infantry weapons. So i think I will do them all.

So pleade bear in mind that these are just MY opinions. So lets do a count down.

10- Auto Cannon: Good stength and AP, relatively cheap too.

9- Death Strike Missle: Its a nuke. In 40k.

8- Assault Cannon: Plenty of shots at Strength 6 and rending. Would be higher if you could take more of these easily.

7- Melta Gun: Good Anti Tank, but getting close is a bitch.

6- Rail Gun: Powerful, but mounted on a light vehicle. Broadsides are r nice but pricey for 1 shot.

5- Death Ray- Line of death!!!! Read the name

4- Gauss Flayer/ Pulse Carbine: i couldnt decide. But are very good.

3- Plasma Gun: The new hotness of 6ed

2- Lascannon- This was going to be #1 but then i saw the...

1- Exitus Rifle- Yes thats right. This gun will kill ANYTHING!!! vehicles, Swarmlord, Necrons, GK abbadon it Doesn't matter!

So not what you expected? Is the Exitus Rifle the best our game.

This was really hard honestly. I left out good ones like the the Demolisher canno
n or the flamestorm cannon, or rupture cannon or Dark lance.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Weapon in Warhammer 40k. Part 1

So the other dayI was playing a casual game of Necrons and Vanilla Space Marines. My opponent had only been playing a few months and was pretty good tbh. He was very nice and smart, knowing the rulebook very well for his age. It was only a 1000 point game. I brought my usual 1000 point list, but toned it down a bit. In the list was a Doomscythe. Now he had a Stormtalon so it wasnt unfair of course. My flyer came on turn 2 and positioned itself and fired its Death Ray. The line cut through killing 3 terminators, 4 tac marines and a rhino. His eyes were very wide needless to say. Naturally i showed him the rule. He read it. He wasnot surprised and started to ask if that was the strongest weapon in the game. I laughed and said it wasnt. He then asked well, what is?

What is?

The game was good fun. He managed to slay my warlord and kill some warrior. His stormtalon and devastators killed my doomscythe turn 3. I apologized for any hard feelings and he just laughed saying maybe he should do some more reading and promised me a rematch.

The aftermath left me wondering just what is the beat gun in WH40K?

So stay alert as I will have the amswer to this question very soon.

Until then. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghost Arks: The Necron Robot Rowboats.

Well hello again! So awhile ago i talked abiut the Necron Night Scythe Transport. Now I will discuss the other transport.

Ghost arks are pretty sweet. They clock in at 115 points each. They have Quantum shielding which gives em 13 13 11 until it gets penned +at which point its dead anyways OPENED TOPPED!) and ot has 4(!) HULLPOINTS! Why?

Ghost arks can only transport Necron Warriors or members of royal courts or IC, but inly 10 total. This means that you must be strategic what you place. Usually, I run ghost arks with 9 Warriors inside and either a Stormtek or Destructotek. These Rowboats
Are surprisingly good at popping vehicles with this. Move 6 in. Get a 5+ jink. Fire with warriors and SC them fire with the broadsides
Ive ruined many vehicles like this.

The Ghost Arks main treat is its repair barge rule though. On a 2+ everyturn, i can put d3 warriors back into a squad, but cannot take it beyond starting size!. So in irder to make sure this isnt wasted i often put a nice blob with warriors around tye ark. They privide a nice counter assault unit or meat shield for the ark. If you shoot at them, no deal ill just get d3 warriors back next time. If your opponent wastes his fire on the ark the passangers only take stregth 3 hits and you have left the blob retively untouched. I have lists of over 7 Ghost arks with buckets of warriors storming down the board. They give you all the man power, regenerations, and firepower you can ask for
Throw in a Annihilation barge or two and your reallt scary now.

So tell me what you think about Ghost Arks. Are they too much for too little. Are they a one trick pony?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anrakyr The Traveller MiTM cheese?

Well Today we're gonna look at Anrakyr the Traveller and his Mind in the Machine ability. But this is a totally tactic i am proposing. Some will argue its cheesy or broken but there is no wording against it. So lets look:

Anrakyr MiTM rule states Iam to pick an ENEMY unit with 18 inches on a 3+ I may fire it as if it were my unit. Im sure you all know this. Now what if i told you you can use this rule to make an allied vindicator fire twice in a shooting phase? Or evem a superheavy tank! Yes with Anrakyr You can do that!

The example i will use now is the new CSM unit tue Forgefiemd with 3 Ectoplasma guns.

If I take CSM as an allied detatchment with the Forgefiend, then it counst as an ENEMY unit as per Allies of Convience rule on page 112. So since Anrakyrs rule rffects ENEMY vehicles than why i cant i do this. Iam not using a pyschic power or shooting them.

So cheese time is when you fire those 3 Ectoplasma cannons, then hack it and make it FIRE AGAIN! his is just unbelievable. If anyone thinks Anrakyr is a waste just try this tactic. It works for desperate allies too. Want that rail gun to fire twice in one shooting phase? Go for it! Need 40 punisher gatling gun shots? Why not?!

So let me know down below if you thing this is legal as per rules or even if you disagree. But please note im not usually a power gamer but this is just too awesome!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catacomb Command Barges: " It can do what?!!!"

Perhaps so far since 6 ed has been dominated by flyers. But i hear little memtion of the talk of chariots.So far ethere are only 2 chariots. The Daemin one and ethe Necron CCB. So since I love Necrons and think chariots will become very big as they come out. Lets take a look.

To start, Lets look at the general chariot rules.

-Sweep Attack. May make up to 3 attacks if charriot has mived over a unit. Hits on a 3+ if moved at crombat speed. 4+ if at crusing speed. Oh and these attacks are resolved using ANY bonuses to the riders weapon.

So a Necron Lord sweeping will get 3 strikes at Str7 ap1 that usually hit on a 4+

- +1 save and fearless

Saves you from taking Sepiternal Weave.

- +5 Jink Save

Yes youll NEED this!

-May LAUNCH AN ASSAULT! inflicting d6 Hammer of wrath attacks at Str 6.

So you you've swept them,hopefully shot them. Now you are going to smash th with the chariot amd hit them with the Warscythe! Wow!

Now the Necron CCB is 13 13 11. Since its a vehicle your enemy is striking the rear armour unfortunately. But if your lord survives.... hehe.

Now im not sure if the unit that the barge is engaged with can only target him, just the barge or may choose either. Im hoping that its only the lord but will wait for an faq. But this is incredible! And only for 80 points! Plus your overlord of course...

But the potential of killing over 15 models a turn with this thing in a SINGLE turn is just awesome!

I remember when i first used this in 6ed. The look of horror on my opponents face when i cut down his landraider with a sweep, and proceeded to.kill an entire tactical squad in the ensuing shooting, assault left him speechless.

For those who want even MORE destruction. Give your lord MSS or Tesseract labyrinth and watch the bodies stack! For extra giggles, use anralyr the traveller to gain Str 8 in assault and a Tachyon arrow. Or stick Trazyn to make him a highly mobile scoring unit!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Necron Royal Airforce.

Being the masters of technology for millions of years has its perks. And perhaps no other unit in the Necron codex proves this more than the night scythe.

The Night Scythe is just amazing. Its a flyer, as we all know. 6's to hit, superfast, and a transport that can a move like no other transport in the ENTIRE game.

Now to my knowledge. In order to disembark troops all transports must move 6imches. However the Night scythe has this FAQ rule called invasion Beams.

Invasion Beams lets you fly 24 INCHES, disembark your troops and fire at full affect! If it goes past 36 the unit may only snapshoot. Wow! An assault range of 40 inches!
Its unbelievably good. Throw in some stormteks and you will wreck any and all landraiders or vehicles in the game in one turn. With a transport of 15 its crazy for any role. Also units can re embark back into. Want more?

Its armed with Tesla destuctors which can ruin any flyer and any troops.
If you lose the scythe with your unit, no problem, they go into reserve
No strength 10 hit!!!

The final cherry is you get all this for 100 Points, in nearly all FOC.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Undead Rise....

As it is almoat halloween in the states, my FLGS has been hosting some crazy games. One of which was this weekend. It was a TO featuring as many csm zombies players could use. It was great fun. What I learned though about zombies

Not THAT great, but still fun. Even with FNP those zombies get ID by str 6. Meaning auticannons, artillery and necron tesla just blow holes in them.

But when they do hit its scary. Since you can take IC putting an apostle that gives hatred, combined with all those attacks and the fact FNP is more useful, can be devastating. One of my favorite moments was watching over 50 zombies downing 5 paladins in a single round. The sheer bodies was just too much.

The moral: Kill them while they're far away!

Monday, October 8, 2012

CSM vs Necrons.

Hello again! So this weekend I had a game against the mew CSM dex. It was very fun . It was clise in the beginning but I managed to pull a big lead thanks to destroying my opponents Mauler and Forgefiend turn 2. I probably be puttin up detailed lists later
CSM deffinately looks very solid! The heldrake killed 2 of my flyers! But eventually succumbed to annihilation barge fire.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cypher Codex page!!!!!!

Heres the link. For somereason i cant put pictures on here mobiley :( so heres the the pic. Looks real!!!

The Helldrake. The good the bad and the ugly.

For along time we were told of a dragon for the CSM. At first we had no idea what it would be exactly but it is here now. So I will take a look at it in depth.

The Good:

The Heldrake is one tough SoB. 12 12 10, 5++, can repair hulpoints, not to mention its a flyer and hass all the awesomeness of one. This thing will usually last entire games unless your opponent is taking double its point worth in order to kill it.
It also has 2 good weapons in the shape of the 4shot str 8 Hades cannon, and the ap3 flamer.

The bad:

The cost. In both ways. In game its 170 points. Now im not saying its TERRIBLE but fir its offense capabilities, it could have been better. I think the mistake was most if the point cost was justified in the Defense rather than offense unrtunately. Then there's the real world price of $75. Its a shame really. Such a cool model, and the inly CSM flyer and you have to cough up a good chunk. I could see this scaring away new CSM players sadly. This will mean the potential for less of these in games meaning finding alternatives that are less fun to game with. (Flakk missle are real exciting :P) I could get 2 Necron Nightscythes for both the real and in game cost if this.

The Ugly:

Vector Striking at Str 7. Ok now this might be good for flyers but if im paying 170 points for something i.tWant. Too have all around use too. D3+1 hits is ok. But the unreliable. If anything i would have done at Str8 or d6+1 instead. Not nad but cinsidering it wont do jack to av 14 or units with 3+ or 2+saves.

In conclusion though id have to say if you willing to pay in $$ and points the heldrake is the best. Its defenes will.keep it alive amd you can fly around smacking things and torching em. So i give it an 7.99/10

So if you agree or disagree please comment about it!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Necron Machine Cults. Heresy?

So one thing i have been blabbing about on in the CSm armyare Necron Machine Cults. If you have been thinking me crazy or have no idea what I was talking about then here we go.

First off what are Machine Cults? Well we all know techmarimes love machines and they dedicate their lives to the " Omnissiah" now there is SUBSTANTIAL evidence thay some believe the Omnissiah is actually the Ctan god the Void Dragon. In fact quite a so knowing that we can conclude that it is possible some techmarines and workers may believe this. Here is an i.teresting article about the Cult of the Dragon

Hmm. Quite a bit here.

Then in the book Dead Men Walking, some people go insane and claim the Necrons to be iron gods and they fight for them. Whilr it is unknown how the necrons felt about this its still very interesting. So where am I going with this?

Necrons and CSM can be allies of convience. So in 1 troop i can take 35 cultistsn Then by taking a Warpsmith, which will be proxied as a Dark apotle( still deciding) then unlock another 35 cultists. This will give me plenty of man power to hold objectives while my arriors kill everything else. I find this a very fun in termds of fluff and gamwplay
Also what could be better than worshipping a Dragorm when I can use one inv the form of a the csm Heldrake?!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

CSM Codex. My first impressions.

Firstly, this will not be an in depth review. Rather a first impression of reading the units . So heres what i found most interesting so far

Creativity: This book just oozes customization. So many wargear options its crazy. I doubt 2 lists will be the same.

Lots of list variation: Cult armies, legion armies are all viable now! This will lead to many cinematic games and will hopefully please stout legion players

Nasty HQ's: I havent read all their wargear but so far the named lords are just as badass as ever. The Daemon prince is also very good now. Making most MC look shameful in cpmparison with those stats.

Overall id say im digging the book as a whole. Of course i have not found all the meat yet, but there is much. I dont think I will start a CSM army but the idea of my Necron Machine Cults (more on that later) has me very excited.

So please feel free to comment what you think so far and uf you have any questions dont be afraid to ask.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

QnA. Apologies.

So I cant give out links so I will (hopefully) do this. Please know i may be vague
I apologize but there are legal issues. I will try my best to amswer all questions but i am extremely swamped with medical work.

So hopefully this will be good.

If for some reason this still doesnt fly than for sure I will do an in depth Codex Review this weekend.

CSM QnA incoming...

So there has been a scan of the CSM codfloating around, so I managed to acquire it! I will not ne putting up pics but rather I will try and answer all your qution. Since iam working today I will try to do it later today or tomorrow.

If I am unable to do it by Saturday i sincerely apologize.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Terror Rises...

In the 41st Millenium, there is a planet the Imperium has classified only as Dominatris I. Dominatris I is a death world. The entire planet is estimated to be 6x the size of Terra. The surface is ravaged by fire. Thousands of Volcanoes rise as high as the Largest Terran Mountain. It is a world like no other. No life. Just fire and. Orbiting the planet are 3 different moons. All our devoid of life as well.
But there is life on Dominatris I. But it is an evil of untold power. An evil that has slumbered. An evil that is now rising.

Yes the Necrons have stirred once again on this planet. The Dominax Dynasty. In the War in Heaven, Dominatris I served as a nightmarish fortress-prison. Either Necrontyr or their enemies were placed within this death worlds cells deep within the Volcanoes. Being a prison, the planet was designed to be almost unsiegable. No army has ever successfully penetrated to the planets surface. Hidden Destroyer Pylons lurk in the ash covered surfaces. It is impossible to say what the tomb trully looks lile. All thay has been gathered are myths amd legends. The imperium forbids travel near the sector. And now this once prison turmed tomb world has awoken
Its impact already prevelant on nearbye sectors.

The Dominax Dynasty is ready to burn the Galaxy...One planet at a time

In the beginning...

Well Hello! Im JD or James. You may have seen me creepimg along various blogs. But I have finally made one!Now Iam hoping to make this a fun place. I love commenting (as some of you know) and often have much to say so with that. Never feel nervous to speak your mind. This blog will cover primarily WH40K but I may do other stuff depending on the topic.

So with that... Some thimgs you can expect are:

Necrons! Yes this will be my main discussions. area. Tactics tricks and rything in bettween.

Tactics: This will be broad.

Rumors: Big news is big news.

Random Stuff: Once ive gotten used to this you will s

ee alot more fludity amd creativity Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy! -James