Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sentry Pylons: The Ultimate Heldrake Counter?

It probably wont surprise you when I say i often scour various 40k forums. Though I dont have accounts on any of the big ones like Dakka Dakka or Warseer, I do like to read the forums and sometimes wish i could put my 2 cent in. One of the few universal truths i have come across it seems is that of the the almight chaos Heldrake. When you mention this particular unit words like "game-breaking" or "WAAC players" often get thrown in. Now I have encountered the dreaded heldrake lists and yes it is annoying but it is MASSIVELY overrated. gamebreaking? Not even close. But there are many who just havent found ways to beat these things and while there is no 100% fullproof solution (yet) there are ways to fight back. Enter the Sentry Pylon:

Now the rules for the Sentry Pylon can be found in Imperial Armour 12 in the Necron list though they can be taken in normal Necron armies as a heavy support choice. The great thing about these units is there sheer eefficient. Because while these things will wreck flyers you can use them for ANY vehicle.

The Sentry Pylon comes in three different flavors but by far the best is the Gauss Pylon. The Gauss pylon comes with a 120“ Strength 9 ap2 heavy 2 cannon with sky fire and interceptor. Yeah that will wreck most flyers pretty easily. But wait! How is that efficient? Won't it die the next turn if you fail to make a kill? Well the 2 main factors that makes these so damn good is the fact that they are 130 points each and they can be taken in squads of 3(!). Yep for A little less than 400 points you can get 6 shots from these in one FOC chart. That is just really good. It may not seem like much in theory but bin practice 3 of these provide a formidable counter to held rakes. And what of defense? Well the pylons are toughness 7, 3 wounds with a 3+ save which means many weapons are going to bounce off it( ie: baleflamers) so these are durable. If you are really worried about survival you can take a15 point upgrade to get It Will Not Die!

Gauss pylons are a great unit for the points. 135 is a steal for dedicated AA of this kind. If you dont play Necrons and arw having flyer problems, then ally with them to get these 3 pylons in 1 FOC slot. Its very efficient. The sentry pylon is honestly the gem of the new necron units in this book. In tournaments where i know im going to face lots of flyers, i dont hesitate on these anymore. Heldrakes BEWARE!

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