Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Apocalypse is now: The Tesseract Vault Rules and Review

So I finally got my hands on the new apocalypse rulebook and i must say it is a very beautiful book. But thats not why i got it. No, I got this for the new Necron units in there. And for those of you who dont have your copy yet hopefully you find this satisfying. These are most of the Necron Tesseract Vaults rules here.
Now to start the Tesseract Vault is clocking in at 315 points and AV 14 all around. But a couple things that were not mentioned was a Ballistic Skill of 5! It also has a rule where if its destroy suffers a Titanic explosion. So try and keep this somewhat isolated.

Now for the real meat. As i stated in another post you MUST pick 2 of 6 powers. I have already discussed 3 of them previously but here are the other 3

Antimatter Meteor: Drops a huge apocalypse MEGABLAST on something. The range is 48“ and the damage is dealt in that funky style depending on what zone the blast template is on. For times sake ill tell you.

5 inch Center= Strength 10 ap 1

5-10 inch middle- Strength  8 ap 3

Last layer- Strength 6 ap 5

Next power is a Strength 9 AP 2 7 inch apocalypse blast. So nothing fancy, but still effective

The last power is the weakest but cheapest power which is a hellstorm that is causing strength 6 hits at an ap of 2.

So there you go. I personally really like this thing. My only complaint is a lack of a good range D weapon but there's a formation for that...If i had to pic two powers it would have tobe the Antimatter Meteor and seismac assault ( both of which are the mkst expensive powers though) or maybe i would drop the seismac assault for Sky of Falling Stars because who doesnt love meteors being dropped on them?

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  1. 315 points up to 550 points in the new codex and it suffers terribly due to the pick a unit roll for the power of the ctan rules. the ctan is housed in this vehicle it should be under control and the rule should be reversed! Gw really messed this up. i also think the obelisk gravity wave rule should still be attached to the model and if the spheres had ignore cover that would force anything brave enough to get close to always use there armor save