Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Necron Tesseract Vault and other Necron apocalypse rules.

First of all these are not mine. These rumors or rules came from a QnA over at Faeit212 which you should check out. Big thanks to I. For answering these questions

Tesseract Vault: Is av 14 all around with 9 hull points. It costs 315 points base (which is cheaper than I thought.) But the cost goes up as you must pick 2 from 6 powers available. The powers he described were:

-A  48in Strength 8 Ap3 Heavy 6d6 attack which is awesome. But apparently is the most expensive power.

-A hell storm template that is a Destroyer weapon with an ap of 1

- Sky of Falling Stars- Which is 48“ Strength 7 Ap 3 primary weapon 6, apocalypse barrage.

Other formations/info

The Obelisk who's job is to ward off flyers does so with a Gravity Pulse that auto hits flyers or skimmers within 24“ with a strength 8 hit on the side armour. That's pretty good.

The Baleful Necropolis which is the one with 9 monoliths + a vault. Monoliths within a certain distance of the vault get IWND and a 6+ Invul. They also give the vault an extra D weapon and increase its range.

Infinite Phalanx: Here is the fun one. First off the formation gives everyone fearless+relentless. However you can opt to take a unit of 100-150. The more warrior you add the better the bonuses:

100 Warriors= Fear

100+ Models= Renaimation protocols are on a 4+

150 Models= Reanimate on a 3+(!)

There you have it. It all looks really good. Hopefully we get more details but this will suffice. If you have any info you can contact me at ciaphis@gmail dot com. There is no dot its just .

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