Friday, July 26, 2013

Tesseract Tactics: What to put in your Vault Part 2.

First off,i know thats an Obelisk not a Tesseract Vault. Second this post will cover the last 3 powers you can take. These 3 all have very solid rules so it can be difficult at times to know just what to take. But hopefully this clears things up a bit.

Wave of Withering: The Wave of Withering is awesome. Why? Because it is the Vaults only Destroyer weapon! And destroyer weapons are brilliant and much better now. But there are some problems sadly with this power. The destruction of this power is only limited by your imagination...and its HellstormTemplate for its range. Yep. That awesome D Ap1 weapon is fired from that small template. Though the hellstorm is much bigger than a standard template, remember you MUST measure all LOS and range from the Ctan in the Vault itself. And considering the Ctan is buried in the middle of this huge model,  you are losing a bit of range on top of everything else. This is a good power and can be great but you're gonna need to use this thing very agressively to really get the full destroyer effects.

Antimatter Meteor: ITS A HUGE METEOR, THAT HAS NO MATTER!!!! But seriously, this thing is pretty fluffy cool if you can imagine a huge meteor crashing down. In game the antimatter meteor is using that new apocalypse MEGABLAST (notice a trend on using the new templates? Very clever, GW) I have already discussed the stats and rules for this power in another post, so you can look it up, but the damage output is pretty good. Since you have a BS 5 then it is almost impossible to miss something at the very least. Use this for hordes and large concentration of light vehicles (vindicators, leman russes) to maxamize damage.

Transdimensional Maelstorm: Its pretty simple here, this fires a 7“ mega blast at strength 9 ap 2. Seems good? It is good. This is actually the sleeper for the new Tesseract Vaults powers rule wise. It gives you a good coverage and high strength with low ap. You can seriously wreck anything shy of a super heavy with this. The only bummer is the 36“ range so you will have to be a little too close for comfort, but one shot is usually enough. I would take this over the Antimatter meteor personally for damage output but hey!

So for the few of you who read this blog, what do you think? Did I value these powers rules too high or too low? Let me know.

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  1. I used the vault in a game the other day and although i only got one use of it because it died on first turn :( i think that the meteor is better because the main blast is only 2" shorter and is strength 10 ap 1 then it has the other 10" of firepower.