Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to "AutoWin" the "Relic" with Necrons

First off im gonna be honest. This is a pretty shitty move. As of now you can do this but you wont likely have any friends. So let's take a look at how games of the Relic can be auto won by Necron

So first off you need a night scythe with some units to take the Relic. Once you have it go BACK ONTO the nightscythe. Yes that's right. Now fly it. But wont the NS be destroyed because tye rel
ic can only go 6 inches? Yes! Now read rules for units in a night scythe when destroyed THEY GO INTO RESERVE WITH THE RELIC. In the fluff the relic was never in the scythe but teleported to a tomb world etc
Walk them on your board side and watch the enemy try to get pass your metal wall!

Credits to BoW for this, btw.

So what do you think. Too much? Rage worthy but legal?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dark Angels Author: Jeremy Vetock

Well hello. So if you havent heard or seen the new DA stuff, well then there is some new leaked images

But what caught me most off guard was the author. No it wasjt Ward but Vetock. What does this mean? And where is Ward?! Only time will tell.

So are you DA players happy with this or maybe you wanted some of Wards "charm"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Expirimental Rules 1

Sometimes as a gamerv of a recently released Codex, I wish they would add more. But since this is nearly impossible I like to sometimes create my own units. This one will be for my Necrons. The basic idea is a lord of the Triarch praetorians. Since the Praetorians are basically law enforcing agents in the Necron dynasties, id thought id create them a leader. Here it goes.

"Ambros, High Judge of the Dynasties, Lord Of the Praetorians.

For thousands of years the code of the Dynasties has been kept by one such being. Through his eyes, he has the power to overide any and all who would seek to dishonor the Ancient Codes. He is Ambros, Lord of the Praetorians.

The tital of Dynastical Judge is one of extreme honor and importance. Those who bear the rank are given full control of the Praetorian might
However, the galaxy is vast so even Ambros himself with a small number of the true force.

During the Great Sleep, Ambros never slept, instead he maintained a constant patrol of the Tomb Worlds for that is his second task: Ensure the Fynasties continue and prosper know matter what.

Yet in a galaxy plauged with war and restless conflict, Ambros is stretched. He does not have time to bring his mighty Judgement to every felon. So instead he now focusses on crushing the enemies directly.

The Lord himself has an immense physical power. He is largee than a basic overlord. He carries a large Axe, know as Aeonic Judgement which has cleaved a Carnifix in half.

Rules: Ambros,Judge of the Dynasties, Lord of the Praetorians

HQ. 270 Points

Ws/ 5
Bs/ 4
S / 6
T / 6
W /4
Sv/ 2+

Special rules
Lord of the Praetorians: Triarch Praetorians do not use up any fast attack slots. In addition triarch Stalkers may be taken in squads of 1-3 which use up 1 foc

Aeonic Judgement: Fleshbanes, unwieldy, Ap1

Gravitational Defier Pack: Counts as Jumpack that grants Ambros a 4+ invul

Fearless, Independent Ch.