Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kutlakh the World Killer- Leader of the Maynarkh.

The first unit I want to talk about is Kutlakh the appropriately named World Killer. Now remember how most armies have at least one absolute close combat monster? Well it could be argued that the Necrons lacked such a character. Oh sure MSS overlords are brutal but this guy is just oh so much more epic. Lets take a closer look.

First there is not much fluff about him which is sad. But hey! You never know.

Kutlakh clocks in at 220 points which is a lot (but 5 point less than Imotekh which is interesting.) Anyways this guy is a COMBAT MONSTER. Let's take a look. He has a basic overlord stats except he has a WS of 5 and 4 attacks! He also has a 2+ 3++ and phylactery so good luck killing him without Instant Death! His special rules are even more ridiculous. He is a fearless fear causing Phaeron. Oh, did I mention he has Adamantium Will too?

He also has a unique rule that represent his insanity. Basically it has a chance of lowering an opponents WS and if hits 0 they can't fight. But this also makes him accept any challenge (which isn't a problem anyways) He also has a pre-selected warlord trait giving him the Crusader so now you can have a better chance of sweeping up fleeing units.

But perhaps the coolest piece of warhead he has is the Obsidax. Its basically an ap2 INSTANT DEATH weapon. So now you can instance kill that 300 point wraithknighy or Mephiston. Good times.

So in summary this guy is awesome. The only thing stopping you from using him though? HE DOESNT HAVE A MODEL YET!!! One way I would run him is with a group of 5-10 Maynarkh Lychguard (more on them later) with a Night scythe and a res-orb lord. Maybe add a few lightning field Crypteks and you have one monstrous CC that can beat nearly anything.

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