Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Necron Tomb Citadel: Introducing the first official WH40k xenos fortification!

Besides flyers, the 6th edition of WH40k brought us another new unit type, the fortification. While there are many options all things considered, they are all imperium terrain. Unless you do some awesome converting your xenos army will have to use human emplacements. But now 1 xeno army is freed from this, yep, IA 12 brought this beast and it is by FAR my favorite unit in the book!

The Tomb Citadel has a plethora of awesome rules. The easiest way to explain them all is by dividing the citadel into 2 parts, the Ziggurat and the power Crucible. But the entire tile offers plenty of bonuses as well. Like ALL Necron units get t o re roll All failed reanimation protocols of a 1. The next benefit is any unit that attempts to deep strike on here perils if they roll doubles.My favorite part is that the Ziggurat and Power Crucible are av 14 structures. But instead of rolling on some chart to calculate the damage after they are penetrated,  they are destroyed on a solid roll of a 5+. So even destroyer weapons need a 5+ to kill each structure!

The Tomb Ziggurat has a built in scarab hive (on a d6 roll of a 2+ you get to spawn 1 scarab base) and it has its own portal of exile. The interesting feature of the ziggurat is that you can either dock a Monolith or Sentry Pylon. The benefit is +1 to its weapons strength. This is pretty handy especially with a gauss pylon.

The Power Crucible is fantastic. Basically, it gives all units on the 2x2 board a 3+ invunerable save! Seriously, stick 20 warriors with a res orb in here and they will NEVER die!

Did i mention that this thing easily covers an entire square section of the realm of battle board? Because it does. So how much is this ultimate buff giver? 300 points! But it is the most awesome 300 points you can spend in non apoc games. Oh, i just realized that this thing can take 2 Gauss pylons for some AA defense for 100 points each or 50 points for a skyfiring tesla destructor! Seriously, dont fuck with this fortification.

Now there are some pproblems. Your opponent will likely not allow this for multiple reasons. It is a huge piece of terrain and it is extremely good. I know most casual gamers would be very hesitant to play against one of these. Even some tournaments might restrict this based of some reading I did. Nevertheless, don't let that interfere. This is a really great game unit and it adds tons of cinematic flavor. Seriously I've seen some awesome dioramas of these. SThe Tomb Citadel is the first xenos terrain and I firmly believe there won't be anything this good! My favorite unit by far.

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