Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Message from beyond: Site Update

Just a quick update I wanted to give. The good news is that the site has recently passed 10,000 page views which is incredible so THANK YOU! But I also have some bad news (for you at least) in that every year or so I like to take a camping vacation with the wife and kids. I'm usually gone for a week and there is no internet where we go. That means I am going to be completely out of the loop in terms of 40 k news. But it is a lot of fun catching up on the rumors and info. So thanks everyone and I will be back in about a week!



  1. Seeing how you have so many points with necrons i was hoping you could suggest what i should get next.
    I currently have:

    2 Ghost Ark
    2 Doomsday Ark
    2 Monolith
    2 Annhilation Barges
    1 Triarch Stalker
    6 Destroyers
    6 Heavy Destroyers
    86 Warriors
    18 Immortals (10w/telsa)
    1 Imotekh The Stormlord
    1 Illuminor Szeras
    4 Necron Lord
    4 Cryptek
    1 Nightbringer
    14 Scarabs
    5 Triarch Praetorians
    13 Lychgaurd
    1 Tesseract Vault

    Im looking to be playing mroe apocalypse games and not to sure where to go from here at first. Many things i want to get but not sure which to get with my next 200-300 dollars to spend.

    I had in mind some deathmarks maybe some flyers, monolith, wraiths, or something from forge world. Hesitant on FW though because i would have to buy another book.

    If you could help me to decide that would be helpful. Thx

    1. Hello Tyler! Thank you for commenting so much. I just got back from my trip right now haha.

      Now seeing how you want some more apocalypse I would suggest some Pylons. They are fantastic units. I will be making a seperate post on them.

      I also notice a lack of flyers. Now I'm not saying spam but start with 3 of them. You don't have to glue in the wormhole or death ray in them so you can use those 3 flyers however you want.

    2. It also helps if I know if your group allows forge world.

    3. My group does allow Fw models, that being said what pylons would you recommend? because i don't have the fw book so i dont know which is best.

      3 flyers would probably be a good idea actually cause i play with my brother a lot and he said he was thinking about buying some for his army.

      Also I Just won a bid on ebay for 5 Flayed ones for only 20 bucks. :) gotta love ebay.

    4. Alright it that case I would say go for some flyers. Maybe add a few Wraiths for flavor though again, you don't need to spam to win.

      Some Forge world Units you could look into are the Nightshroud bomber, and tesseract ark which are both models that don't require additionals of their kind to work best (unlike annihilation barges for example)