Monday, October 15, 2012

The Undead Rise....

As it is almoat halloween in the states, my FLGS has been hosting some crazy games. One of which was this weekend. It was a TO featuring as many csm zombies players could use. It was great fun. What I learned though about zombies

Not THAT great, but still fun. Even with FNP those zombies get ID by str 6. Meaning auticannons, artillery and necron tesla just blow holes in them.

But when they do hit its scary. Since you can take IC putting an apostle that gives hatred, combined with all those attacks and the fact FNP is more useful, can be devastating. One of my favorite moments was watching over 50 zombies downing 5 paladins in a single round. The sheer bodies was just too much.

The moral: Kill them while they're far away!


  1. Braaiiinnns!
    Nothing like a mob of zombies.

    Cool blog JayDee!
    Just had a look at your earlier posts.

    1. Haha thanks. Im usually really busy so i dont have as much time to post up but i try as much as i can.