Monday, October 29, 2012

Its ma Birthday!

Yes. It is. Im turning 21 :P

Jokes aside. Thanks for all your wishes. Unfortunately I have to do some work but after i hope to enjoy today with some 40k and video games.


  1. Happy Birthday! Go get yourself a drink (but be responsible about it).

    Been following your blog for a little while, didn't know we were about the same age.
    This makes me want to meet you and other 40k bloggers in real life so we could play some awesome games with like-minded people!

    1. Well drinking and being a Doctor doesnt mix very well...

      Ya id like to meet some of these people too, if you ever happen to stumble to California maybe we could worl something.

      Thanks for following the blog. Means alot.

    2. turning 21 and you are already a doctor? way to make me feel slow.

    3. No i was joking about being 21. Im not *that* old but ya know. Id still like to be 21. So just enjoy yourself man. It goes by quick.