Saturday, October 27, 2012

Necrons at Tournament- by JD

Hello all. So today I had a tournament at a LGS about an hour away. It was very fun. I had only gone about twice but decided to join the Tournament to test some water. So there were was a total of 16 playets. Since there were only 6 tables, we had one team sit out round 1, but would get an automatic 7 VP. Winning netted 5 points. Secondary Obejectives were 1 while the "wild card" objectives were worth 2. Each game was 1750 points btw.

I managed to take 1st place shockingly. My opponents were as follows.

Game 1: Orks. Didnt have a flyer but had an aegis defence line. Very foot slogging. Luckily had brought lots of tesla so that hurt.

Game 2: Guard Mecg Spam. He had 3 Valkyries with Stormtroopers in them. He also had 2 leamn russ punishers , 2 Basiliks, and some chimera vets. Was tough but but letting me go 1st and getting my reserves faster to destroy his artillery and 1 of his punishers was a big boon. The game was annihilation so i manged to pull out some ahead, destroying his hovering valkyries.

Game 3: Dark Eldar- He brought the pirate ships. He had 10 raiders, filled witg kabalites. Interstingly enough he also chose a bastion with a lascannin. The game was the Relic. It was VERY close with him taking it turn 2. I manged to chase his kabalite squad with my barge lord who slaughtered 8 kabalites in one turn. I then proceeded to take the relic turn 6 and held it to the end.

Game 4: This was the final- Daemons of Nurgle with CSM allies, also had lots of nurgle. The game objective was ( the empirers will? I forget now) but only 2 obhectives. He left his Nurgle CSm to guard the objective whilr his daemins would strike in. But he rolled for the wrong half and lost his sould grinder ti scatter. I sent my ground warriors to fight the plauge daemons, while i heaced my scythes at his ibjectives. That was tge turning point. I destroyed his forgefiend with the tesla destructor and warriors managed to slay some plauge marines. He botched his charge roll the next turn.
My doomscythe annihilated the rest if the playfe marines whilr tge 2nd scythe dropped its cargo into tge bug battle in the center.

In the end i took the victory in that game and overall. I would like to thank my opponents for a wonderful time. I will be posting my list sime time today or tomorrow.

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