Thursday, October 4, 2012

CSM Codex. My first impressions.

Firstly, this will not be an in depth review. Rather a first impression of reading the units . So heres what i found most interesting so far

Creativity: This book just oozes customization. So many wargear options its crazy. I doubt 2 lists will be the same.

Lots of list variation: Cult armies, legion armies are all viable now! This will lead to many cinematic games and will hopefully please stout legion players

Nasty HQ's: I havent read all their wargear but so far the named lords are just as badass as ever. The Daemon prince is also very good now. Making most MC look shameful in cpmparison with those stats.

Overall id say im digging the book as a whole. Of course i have not found all the meat yet, but there is much. I dont think I will start a CSM army but the idea of my Necron Machine Cults (more on that later) has me very excited.

So please feel free to comment what you think so far and uf you have any questions dont be afraid to ask.


  1. First!

    In all seriousness though, I really enjoy the book. (Just played with it last night with a thousand sons themed army, and I slammed all my opponents and lost only a rhino, a sorcerer from an unlucky perils and I accidentally had one of my guys turn to spawn via the "eye of the gods" table! Overall it is a lot of fun and has many cool options and ideas in it!

  2. Haha. Yeah it definately has a lot of cool and crazy options. It might be a wee complex for new players though ive noticed. Im glad you enjoyed it!

    And just know. I can ALWAYS be first here ;).