Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Weapon in WH40K is.....

So as you know I have been wondering what the best weapon in WH40K is. I was unsure wheather i should divide this between vehicle and infantry weapons. So i think I will do them all.

So pleade bear in mind that these are just MY opinions. So lets do a count down.

10- Auto Cannon: Good stength and AP, relatively cheap too.

9- Death Strike Missle: Its a nuke. In 40k.

8- Assault Cannon: Plenty of shots at Strength 6 and rending. Would be higher if you could take more of these easily.

7- Melta Gun: Good Anti Tank, but getting close is a bitch.

6- Rail Gun: Powerful, but mounted on a light vehicle. Broadsides are r nice but pricey for 1 shot.

5- Death Ray- Line of death!!!! Read the name

4- Gauss Flayer/ Pulse Carbine: i couldnt decide. But are very good.

3- Plasma Gun: The new hotness of 6ed

2- Lascannon- This was going to be #1 but then i saw the...

1- Exitus Rifle- Yes thats right. This gun will kill ANYTHING!!! vehicles, Swarmlord, Necrons, GK abbadon it Doesn't matter!

So not what you expected? Is the Exitus Rifle the best our game.

This was really hard honestly. I left out good ones like the the Demolisher canno
n or the flamestorm cannon, or rupture cannon or Dark lance.

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