Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anrakyr The Traveller MiTM cheese?

Well Today we're gonna look at Anrakyr the Traveller and his Mind in the Machine ability. But this is a totally tactic i am proposing. Some will argue its cheesy or broken but there is no wording against it. So lets look:

Anrakyr MiTM rule states Iam to pick an ENEMY unit with 18 inches on a 3+ I may fire it as if it were my unit. Im sure you all know this. Now what if i told you you can use this rule to make an allied vindicator fire twice in a shooting phase? Or evem a superheavy tank! Yes with Anrakyr You can do that!

The example i will use now is the new CSM unit tue Forgefiemd with 3 Ectoplasma guns.

If I take CSM as an allied detatchment with the Forgefiend, then it counst as an ENEMY unit as per Allies of Convience rule on page 112. So since Anrakyrs rule rffects ENEMY vehicles than why i cant i do this. Iam not using a pyschic power or shooting them.

So cheese time is when you fire those 3 Ectoplasma cannons, then hack it and make it FIRE AGAIN! his is just unbelievable. If anyone thinks Anrakyr is a waste just try this tactic. It works for desperate allies too. Want that rail gun to fire twice in one shooting phase? Go for it! Need 40 punisher gatling gun shots? Why not?!

So let me know down below if you thing this is legal as per rules or even if you disagree. But please note im not usually a power gamer but this is just too awesome!


  1. I think people will jump on the whole "ENEMY" thing and say NO, NO, NO!

    Personally, I say go for it. Even as a one off bit of fun. But I'm just that insane.

    1. Haha yeah. I first discovered this in a doubles tournament. The organizer saw no reason why I couldnt. So ive been trying to find more ways to better improve this ability.

    2. Here's an idea. Have an apocalypse game. Make sure your chaos allies have a reaver titan. I think you know where I'm going here. They don't call me "Terrible" for nothing. Hahahahahaaaaaa!

      I expect a battle report with all the gory details.

    3. I like the way you think! Haha. I was thinking also about shadowswords and stormlords super heavies. But for now i ak contnent with hacking vindicators, leman russes, and anything with plenty of strong shots.

    4. One day Forge World might make an Imperator Titan. Oh yes, I'm that mad.

      But yes, in "normal" games of 40K you do have to keep things toned down. In that case I would say to you the Manticore is a good hack as each rocket does D3 hits. Means you can shoot off 2 rockets in a turn.

      Considering your enemy will fear the tank, it means it can do loads of damage before enemy silence it. Should it survive 2 turns, thats 4 x D3 large blast marker hits. Boom!

    5. Ya. I too was wondering about this. But that titan is gonna cost a firstborn though. Haha

  2. You cannot do fire an allied vehicle twice. It says "at the START of your shooting phase" Therefore you can shoot that allied vehicle but so what? You can shoot it anyway. It would be useful to shoot an allied vehicle if it was shaken or stunned but you cannot shoot an allied vehicle twice. Nice idea though