Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghost Arks: The Necron Robot Rowboats.

Well hello again! So awhile ago i talked abiut the Necron Night Scythe Transport. Now I will discuss the other transport.

Ghost arks are pretty sweet. They clock in at 115 points each. They have Quantum shielding which gives em 13 13 11 until it gets penned +at which point its dead anyways OPENED TOPPED!) and ot has 4(!) HULLPOINTS! Why?

Ghost arks can only transport Necron Warriors or members of royal courts or IC, but inly 10 total. This means that you must be strategic what you place. Usually, I run ghost arks with 9 Warriors inside and either a Stormtek or Destructotek. These Rowboats
Are surprisingly good at popping vehicles with this. Move 6 in. Get a 5+ jink. Fire with warriors and SC them fire with the broadsides
Ive ruined many vehicles like this.

The Ghost Arks main treat is its repair barge rule though. On a 2+ everyturn, i can put d3 warriors back into a squad, but cannot take it beyond starting size!. So in irder to make sure this isnt wasted i often put a nice blob with warriors around tye ark. They privide a nice counter assault unit or meat shield for the ark. If you shoot at them, no deal ill just get d3 warriors back next time. If your opponent wastes his fire on the ark the passangers only take stregth 3 hits and you have left the blob retively untouched. I have lists of over 7 Ghost arks with buckets of warriors storming down the board. They give you all the man power, regenerations, and firepower you can ask for
Throw in a Annihilation barge or two and your reallt scary now.

So tell me what you think about Ghost Arks. Are they too much for too little. Are they a one trick pony?


  1. I love them paired with Triarch Stalkers!
    Twin link everything!
    Or pop a transport with the stalker's heat ray, then rapid-fire the enemy's inside. If the stalker screws up and fails to destroy the vehicle, at least everything else will get Twin-Linked against it.

    1. Yeah. I think 2 stalkers is a little too much. I usually take 2 of them with plenty of tesla immortals and tomb blades with particle beamers. But yeah i think adding in one would be good.

  2. IMHO, Triarch Stalkers are best paired with Deathmarks. If there is any reason not to do this, I haven't seen it. Me and my friend switched army's for a game, with him playing my BA and me with his necrons. Annihilated a squad each turn this way. But I think even though Ghost Arks cost too little, if they costed more no one would take them.

    1. Hmm. I havemt thought about that. My only issue witg Deathmarks and stalkers is are you going to Deep Strike them?If you do then id wager taking the heavy gauss cannon would be better for farther twin linking. But youd have to pay more.

    2. But i think its cool that its worked for you so far.