Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CSM QnA incoming...

So there has been a scan of the CSM codfloating around, so I managed to acquire it! I will not ne putting up pics but rather I will try and answer all your qution. Since iam working today I will try to do it later today or tomorrow.

If I am unable to do it by Saturday i sincerely apologize.


  1. how are defilers and vindicators in the new codex? is daemon possesion conferring It Will Not Die and Daemon? I have 3 defilers and 3 vindicators so am hoping that they won't have to sit on the shelf with the new codex

    1. No. Daemin Pos. Lets yiu ignore stuns amd shakins on a 2+. If its a transort it eats someone on a 1. Defilers still seem viable to me.

    2. and have they gotten expensive? have the rules changed at all for them?

    3. 145 points.

      Ws 9, str 6, w4, I8, a5, and a 5++. They can take Aretefacts, Wings, power armour and can be upgraded to a god specific prince.

    4. Up can be upgraded up to Mastery level 3

    5. They lost Eternal Warrior too. But are still MC and a daemon