Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Terror Rises...

In the 41st Millenium, there is a planet the Imperium has classified only as Dominatris I. Dominatris I is a death world. The entire planet is estimated to be 6x the size of Terra. The surface is ravaged by fire. Thousands of Volcanoes rise as high as the Largest Terran Mountain. It is a world like no other. No life. Just fire and. Orbiting the planet are 3 different moons. All our devoid of life as well.
But there is life on Dominatris I. But it is an evil of untold power. An evil that has slumbered. An evil that is now rising.

Yes the Necrons have stirred once again on this planet. The Dominax Dynasty. In the War in Heaven, Dominatris I served as a nightmarish fortress-prison. Either Necrontyr or their enemies were placed within this death worlds cells deep within the Volcanoes. Being a prison, the planet was designed to be almost unsiegable. No army has ever successfully penetrated to the planets surface. Hidden Destroyer Pylons lurk in the ash covered surfaces. It is impossible to say what the tomb trully looks lile. All thay has been gathered are myths amd legends. The imperium forbids travel near the sector. And now this once prison turmed tomb world has awoken
Its impact already prevelant on nearbye sectors.

The Dominax Dynasty is ready to burn the Galaxy...One planet at a time

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