Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catacomb Command Barges: " It can do what?!!!"

Perhaps so far since 6 ed has been dominated by flyers. But i hear little memtion of the talk of chariots.So far ethere are only 2 chariots. The Daemin one and ethe Necron CCB. So since I love Necrons and think chariots will become very big as they come out. Lets take a look.

To start, Lets look at the general chariot rules.

-Sweep Attack. May make up to 3 attacks if charriot has mived over a unit. Hits on a 3+ if moved at crombat speed. 4+ if at crusing speed. Oh and these attacks are resolved using ANY bonuses to the riders weapon.

So a Necron Lord sweeping will get 3 strikes at Str7 ap1 that usually hit on a 4+

- +1 save and fearless

Saves you from taking Sepiternal Weave.

- +5 Jink Save

Yes youll NEED this!

-May LAUNCH AN ASSAULT! inflicting d6 Hammer of wrath attacks at Str 6.

So you you've swept them,hopefully shot them. Now you are going to smash th with the chariot amd hit them with the Warscythe! Wow!

Now the Necron CCB is 13 13 11. Since its a vehicle your enemy is striking the rear armour unfortunately. But if your lord survives.... hehe.

Now im not sure if the unit that the barge is engaged with can only target him, just the barge or may choose either. Im hoping that its only the lord but will wait for an faq. But this is incredible! And only for 80 points! Plus your overlord of course...

But the potential of killing over 15 models a turn with this thing in a SINGLE turn is just awesome!

I remember when i first used this in 6ed. The look of horror on my opponents face when i cut down his landraider with a sweep, and proceeded to.kill an entire tactical squad in the ensuing shooting, assault left him speechless.

For those who want even MORE destruction. Give your lord MSS or Tesseract labyrinth and watch the bodies stack! For extra giggles, use anralyr the traveller to gain Str 8 in assault and a Tachyon arrow. Or stick Trazyn to make him a highly mobile scoring unit!


  1. Don't forget that a Lord can use a wound to repair his CCB to keep it moving.

    Oh, and the Guass/Tessla weapon for extra killin'.

    I can see chariots becoming VERY popular.

    1. Ah yes i forgot about Symbiotic repair! Thank you!

      Yes I am hoping we see some cool chariots. Take a little attention off flyers...

  2. I love this thing. 'Specially with anrakyr

    1. Ya. I had a game against tyranids. I had Anrakyr on and he swept over a horde of gaunts, then shot his tachyin arrow which wounded a hive tyrant. He thrn assaulted and killed the tyrant. It was very cool
      Str 8 ap1 for him is just awesome.