Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Helldrake. The good the bad and the ugly.

For along time we were told of a dragon for the CSM. At first we had no idea what it would be exactly but it is here now. So I will take a look at it in depth.

The Good:

The Heldrake is one tough SoB. 12 12 10, 5++, can repair hulpoints, not to mention its a flyer and hass all the awesomeness of one. This thing will usually last entire games unless your opponent is taking double its point worth in order to kill it.
It also has 2 good weapons in the shape of the 4shot str 8 Hades cannon, and the ap3 flamer.

The bad:

The cost. In both ways. In game its 170 points. Now im not saying its TERRIBLE but fir its offense capabilities, it could have been better. I think the mistake was most if the point cost was justified in the Defense rather than offense unrtunately. Then there's the real world price of $75. Its a shame really. Such a cool model, and the inly CSM flyer and you have to cough up a good chunk. I could see this scaring away new CSM players sadly. This will mean the potential for less of these in games meaning finding alternatives that are less fun to game with. (Flakk missle are real exciting :P) I could get 2 Necron Nightscythes for both the real and in game cost if this.

The Ugly:

Vector Striking at Str 7. Ok now this might be good for flyers but if im paying 170 points for something i.tWant. Too have all around use too. D3+1 hits is ok. But the unreliable. If anything i would have done at Str8 or d6+1 instead. Not nad but cinsidering it wont do jack to av 14 or units with 3+ or 2+saves.

In conclusion though id have to say if you willing to pay in $$ and points the heldrake is the best. Its defenes will.keep it alive amd you can fly around smacking things and torching em. So i give it an 7.99/10

So if you agree or disagree please comment about it!


  1. Thanks for the review! I saw your blog on Natfka's blog roll, so I thought I'd check it out.
    I've got a few questions about this, maybe you could help.
    I'm gonna be starting a 1k sons army, doing a lot of conversions. I know I need some anti-air defense in there, but I don't want to take havocs and flakk missiles, so I guess I have to go with the helldrake. I don't like the model though, it doesn't fit well into a pure 1k sons army, but I have an idea.
    I've toying with the idea to convert a helldrake from a Tomb king's warsphinx. I'm actually going to convert forgefiends from this kit also, so I'll have lots of those wing looking bits leftover to make it look capable of flight. Do you think this will work out?

    1. I know a friend who is going to try amd place the 2 hades autpcannons onto the drake. I think the warsphinx is a good idea but is it necissarily east to interchange?

      What did you have in mind to add?