Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Necron Royal Airforce.

Being the masters of technology for millions of years has its perks. And perhaps no other unit in the Necron codex proves this more than the night scythe.

The Night Scythe is just amazing. Its a flyer, as we all know. 6's to hit, superfast, and a transport that can pull.off a move like no other transport in the ENTIRE game.

Now to my knowledge. In order to disembark troops all transports must move 6imches. However the Night scythe has this FAQ rule called invasion Beams.

Invasion Beams lets you fly 24 INCHES, disembark your troops and fire at full affect! If it goes past 36 the unit may only snapshoot. Wow! An assault range of 40 inches!
Its unbelievably good. Throw in some stormteks and you will wreck any and all landraiders or vehicles in the game in one turn. With a transport of 15 its crazy for any role. Also units can re embark back into. Want more?

Its armed with Tesla destuctors which can ruin any flyer and any troops.
If you lose the scythe with your unit, no problem, they go into reserve
No strength 10 hit!!!

The final cherry is you get all this for 100 Points, in nearly all FOC.