Monday, August 12, 2013

Doomsday Arks: Worth taking?

Why yes, that IS one of my Doomsday Arks...

So this post isn't very related in terms of what I have been discussing recently but I felt the need to make this post anyways. As the the title says I will be taking about DoomN Arks and if they are worth it in most lists or should they just be continued to be skipped all together.

The Doomsday Ark was one of the new kits that came out in 2011 (hard to believe it was that long ago) I first thought the concept of this unit extremely Necron cool. The WD also had its unit entry and i liked what I saw....unfortunately many people didnt or still dont.

Now admittedly there are some problems, being a 175 points for a mega gun is pretty expensive especially on such a light skimmer. You will almost never regain the point value Of this unless you have some very good rolling.
The Doomsday Cannon itself is marvelous being a whopping Strength 9 and ap1 large blast at bs4. It also has a 72“ range. This gives your list a nice long range pie plate that often Necrons lack ironically. Yet even after many games this still feels underwhelming against vehicles. Would it be too much to ask for ordanance or Ignores cove? Apparently. But like i said, if you have good rolling, this thing will win you games.

My personal experience has been surprisingly positive though. Managed to fell a landraider, terminators, tau fire warriors and other things. They are incredibly powerful but you must build your list and strategy around them. A good rule of thumb is too treat these like they are going to die next turn. Therefore, one should prioitize aginst targets you know will be hurt a lot by this (which is almost anything not in cover)

So yes, i do like Doomsday Arks. Are they for everyone? Of course not, but i would like to see them more on the table besides just 3 Annihilation Barges. But i guess im down for anything that has the word Doomsday in it afterall...

So my fellow gamers, what do you think about these? Let me know.

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