Sunday, August 11, 2013

40k Rumors: Introducing Warzone: Damnos

Hello everyone! So i have pretty much gotten all caught up on what I missed this week. One of the rumored lists of products being released in September had something i found very intriguing. A new Warzone called Damnos by Phil Kelly.

Now if you dont know what Damnos is it is basically a epic battle of the 2nd company of Ultramarines vs. The Necrons. Some of tje events are written in the novel Fall of Damnos which was a pretty good read itself. It would appear however this planet is being revisited and with an apocalyptic scale of battle.

Remeber to my post yesterday about the lack of rules for the Superheavy Gauss pylon in the core Apoc book? Well i highly suspect it will be included here! In Fall of Damnos about half of the Strike force is led by Tigurius to destroy theNecrons superheavy pylons, so i could see them in here easily. I am also going to expect the formation for 3+ pylons and maybe the one for the triangle of Monoliths. But just know that this is WISHLISTING. None of this is confirmed yet!

On the Ultramarine side i would expect rules for Sicarius and his 2nd company.

Overall i am really excited for this and i cant wait to hear more!

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