Saturday, August 10, 2013

Necron Gauss Pylons: The Supreme Titan Killers

It never ceases to amaze me at the fact when one is gone out of the world of War hammer but for a week you can miss so so much. I've been trying all day to catch up on the news+rumors with the new Space Marine release which is shaping up to be MASSIVE.

But now that I am back it is time to catch up and get into routine. So I tthought I would continue an in depth look at various Necron units that are featured in IA 12 with this one being the Gauss Pylon.

Now the Gauss Pylon is by no means a new unit for it has long been the only Necron Super heavy. Interestingly enough the most *current* rules for this can be found in IA 12, yet it is absent from the core Apocalypse rulebook. However, rumor is there will be a Warzone Damnos which will VERY likely have the Pylon in it (more on this later)

The Gauss Pylon is clocking in at about 400 points. It is a fairly durable unit being av14 all around and having a 5++ which it confers to nearby units. The only weakness is only 6 hull points though we will have to see the official amount because it was never clarified in IA 12.

But the offensive capabilities of one of these is spectactular. Each one fires 3 Strength D shots. at a 120“ range. I ddon't know about you, but D weapons got a massive boost in my opinion and these pylons are capable of putting out some serious firepower. I usually run minimums of 3 in any apoc game. 9 D shots is terrifying at whatever you are trying to destroy. Oh, and aircraft are no safer because sky fire and interceptor. It also has the flux arc which was changed from d6 shots at EVERY target in range to 2d6 shots at just one unit now which is a bummer.

In conclusion: If you play Necrons and want to play some apoc games up with the big dogs, bring a few pylons next time. Even if you don't, they still make a great army center piece.


  1. Can I just say that, while I'm not a Necron player, I've found all your posts about them to be both interesting and very good.

    You would have convinced me to collect Necrons were I not interested more in other armies.

    1. Haha. Thank you very much! I hope you find the Necron to your liking one day though.

  2. Firstly, let me just say that this is quite a cool blog, it's nice to find somewhere that actually goes in depth with units such as this and doesn't just slam them.
    Secondly, about the article, and, in particular, killing titans, has the thought of a royal court with 4 Harbringers of the storm and one harbringer of despair with night veil ever occurred to you? For only 160 points, it can deepstrike in next to a superheavy (you may need to strip away any bubble-wrapping infantry first, but the court can just hide out of sight or in reserve until that is done) and unleash 16 Bs4 haywire shots, which shot kill a baneblade, and will badly damage even a revenant titan. Best of all, even if there are no superheavies to kill, chances are that they have at least one vehicle that is more expensive than 160 points. And, if not, you can always spread the court throughout your units to add a little extra firepower and teleportation abilities

    1. Hey thanks. And yeah it has occurred to me. But usually I don't like deep striking those units as I have a bad habit of either landing PERFECTLY where I want to or my entire unit gets destroyed. To me though the pylon while more costly seems more all around effective against vehicles including other flyers. I love stormteks but I have a big weakness for pylons as well.