Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: A hit or miss year for 40k?

Well hello everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays! I know I did :). Now time to sink back into my "normal" routine. For starters I've been looking at what's rumored for 2013 and it looks like a lot. Im really anticiating a new Tau codex. An eldar codex would.... eh I'm a Necron player, who cares ;).

But i cant help hearing that 2012, even though it was the 25th anniversary was a little lacking. Yep. Im gonna say it now. You're an idiot. Lets see what 40k players got this year

-New Space Wolve kits

- New Tyranid Kits

- New NECRON Units!

- Sm, Ork and Necron flyers!


- Dark Vengeance!!!!

- Lots of Finecast stuff

-New Chaos Space Mehreens Codex!

That list may not look big but look at those awesome minis. Plus a new rule set.. I really think this was one of the best 40k years ever for me. Lots of fun stuff. Here's to 2013! may it be just as prosperous!

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