Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to "AutoWin" the "Relic" with Necrons

First off im gonna be honest. This is a pretty shitty move. As of now you can do this but you wont likely have any friends. So let's take a look at how games of the Relic can be auto won by Necron

So first off you need a night scythe with some units to take the Relic. Once you have it go BACK ONTO the nightscythe. Yes that's right. Now fly it. But wont the NS be destroyed because tye rel
ic can only go 6 inches? Yes! Now read rules for units in a night scythe when destroyed THEY GO INTO RESERVE WITH THE RELIC. In the fluff the relic was never in the scythe but teleported to a tomb world etc
Walk them on your board side and watch the enemy try to get pass your metal wall!

Credits to BoW for this, btw.

So what do you think. Too much? Rage worthy but legal?


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    1. I dont do it as much now.

      Also language please.

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  3. RAF (rules as fluff), maybe
    RAI. no
    RAW, still no. As per the rules in the necron codex (pg 51) models are actually inside the transport (night scythe) until it is destroyed, then they go into reserves. Therefore if they embarked onto the transport after it moved that turn, and then you convinced/tricked/whatever your opponent to shoot it down, and then he succeeds at shooting it down, and then you survive all those str 10 ignore Armour saving shots (with no we will be back rolls because those are done at the end of the phase and you have never been placed on the board to even take them.),and then you will likely end up walking back on to the board with your 1 guy who miraculously survived on about the next turn, (not that late in the game because if it was, then your opponent probably would of snagged the objective before you.) Plus, in addition to all of this, you have to come on turn two (at earliest) jump out onto objective, survive the turn or two before you get into another vehicle (if it were me I would be shooting the hell out of that unit), manage to steal another units night scythe to come pick you up (there own flyer cant do a 360 for at least 4 turns) and just yah. Good Luck with that.

    Im done.

    1. They dont take hits. They instantly go into reserve. Otherwise thats a pointless rule


  5. And for the record i dont endorse this and would honestly never try it.

  6. It probably needs to errata'd but I don't think this would work because on page 131 it states that "If the model falls back, or is removed as a casaulty, the Relic is dropped automatically... ...if the Relic is dropped whilst the bearer is embarked within a Transport vehicle, place it 1" away from a randomly determined access point."

    When the Nightscythe is destroyed the UNIT embarked gets placed in Reserves. It doesn't say anything else does. You could argue that the Relic is part of the unit but its not supported by any text.

    Since Warhammer (primarily) uses permissive rules instead of negative rules (you can do something if the rules say you can instead of assuming you can do something unless the rules say you can't) I think the stronger argument/interpretation would be that the Nightscythe moves 6" and then crashes and the Relic is left where it crashed.

    Admittedly this needs to be FAQ'd but I think the RAI has a clear "No" and RAW is still a soft "No". You could argue it works but, again, there is nothing saying that the Relic goes with the unit moving to Reserves (for that matter there is nothing allowing the Relic to be even removed from the board, its not like the objective is to walk it off your board edge, you just hold it till the game ends).