Sunday, November 25, 2012

Game Review: Blackops 2

Ok this game I was really excited for. I enjoy the Call if Dutys as they are some pretty fun games with friends. So after beating the campaign, raging online and killing hordes of zombies im gonna right this review in 3 parts.

Campaign: Easily the most ambitious one EVER. I really like the firection and choices your given. Nice job Treyarch. 8/10

Multiplater: This is the reason you buy these games. Oh but what a dissapointment! Where do I start? Poor hit detection, weak guns, horrendous spawns, constant UAV spam. Its just terrible. I cant go into a game without just knoeing i will get thrashed. I NEVER had this problem in previos games. I feel like everything is bubblewrapped and is easily countered, which is good but is also kind of irritating. I hope Treyarch fixes these issue fast! 6.5/10

Zombies: This is why I bought the game. Its nothing short of AMAZING. Tranzit mode is just awesome. So much to do yet you are never actually told to do anything instead survive. Its crazy fun with friends running around trying to grab peices of an item or running from the hordes. I know people dont like the individual survival but Tranzit easily makes up for this.

Now my issues : Ranking system. How does it work? And why am i deranked if i dont play a day? Please remove that! Then fix it when a player rages, it still counts to the leaderboards if you continue. So many times ive gotten to round 40 only for someone to leave and it doesnt count! Frustrating.


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