Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Game Review: Assasins Creed 3

So non 40K but Ill still talk about it. About a month ago I picked this gane up along witg the PS3 bundle. I finally finished it Sunday and I thought id let you know what i thought.

So for starters the storyline is excellent as expected. The graphics are nice as well. The combat is very fluid and engaging. This is deffinarely an improvement over its predecessors.

Now here is what I didnt like: Being bored. Yes thats right. You CAN get bored playing this gamr and wuute easily. The problem is it takes good 3-4 hours until you play as the Fully assasin Conor. Playing as his father was alright but got tedious. Playing as Connors youth became boring quickly. Eventually i found my self trying to pick fights just to be entertained. The game is very long and it can be a little boring doing the story missions with nothing in between.

So despite this I enjoyed the game. The combat and storyline made it enjoyable. But a lack of "real" side quests was dissapointing.

So i give it 8.7/10

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