Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Game Review: Bioshock Infinite

Hey all. Sorry I've been SUPER behind. I apologise immensly. So with that cleared...

As you might know I enjoy 2 things. Warhammer, and video games. One of my favorite series is the Bioshock series. I love good, detailed story lines and characters and Bioshock is the best. I love the first game because it took on current tooics but put an awesome spin mixed with great gameplay. Fastforward now to Infinite. I was curious as to how Irrational could top their first work but after 4 play throughs I think it's safe to say they have outdone themselves here.

I wont go into full detail here because I want you to see it yourself, but let's just say you play as down on his luck detective with a rough past, named Booker DeWitt. DeWitt is tasked to retieve a special girl. Who just so happens to alter space and time.

Throughout the game you journey as a pair. Bookers rough outlook mixed with her innocence mixes nicely. Although I never grow extremely connectex to her as i hoped, she still made it worthwhile.

The combat is fun and intense. Skylines are great fun and so are vigors. The game reward expirementation and exploration so dont worry.

And finally...dat ending. Wow. If you havemt reached it yet all I can say is when you get it it. DONT PANIC. Stay calm and THINK. Trust me, it ALL MAKES SENSE. Just think. The ending is amazing and ties tge story better than anyway I had imagined. If you dont plan on getting gamejust imagine it like a Shutter Island+Braid+Inception+Infamous type ending.

My only complaint was the game IS short but its worth EVERY minute. Alas that it what DLC is for now , eh


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